Specialist in sheet metal and frames

NTS CombiMetaal is a specialised company for sheet metal products, compounds and frames.

Top quality craftsmanship and extensive machinery make it possible to make   sheet metal or tubing products  in small and in larger series, quickly, reproducibly and efficiently.

The products are assembled and/or packaged clean in our assembly department and in our clean room .

Our engineers provide support at every stage of the product life cycle. In close cooperation with our customers they develop production methods which allow the products to be made quickly, reliably and at low cost. They are also experts in making a prototype or product developed by the customer production-ready.

We implement a strict separation between the production of Ferrous and Non Ferrous products.

Intensive cooperation between our supply chain department and the customer ensure that the products are delivered reliably with short lead times and just in time.

We consider the long-term relationships with the majority of our customers as proof of their trust in and appreciation for the mutual cooperation.

Certified quality

The culture at NTS CombiMetaal is characterised by quality awareness and commitment to a high and proven quality. The quality is demonstrably guaranteed by applying certified processes. We are certified for:

NTS CombiMetaal is part of the NTS-Group.




Automotive NTS Combimetaal

Pressed products

NTS CombiMetaal is ISO/TS 16949 certified for automotive products

Laser cuttingNTS-Combimetaal

Laser cutting

A high level of automation helps us to keep the costs down

Metal Frames NTS-Combimetaal


We are specialists in the field of covers and frames

Welding NTS CombiMetaal Welding


NTS CombiMetaal has a strictly separated department for welding stainless steel


Production facilities

NTS CombiMetaal has extensive machinery available. Watch the video clips here.

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Welding Department

Welding Department

Our welding department is EN 3834-2 certified. We employ several certified welders.

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We design framework ourselves or improve your product in relation to cost.

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NTS CombiMetaal has customers in several markets such as food, medical, transport and equipment.

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